Fun and friends at the Equirencontre

(Re)discover the joys of riding or driving across the land with friends and enjoy the warmth and festivity of a great horsey family

The Equirencontre: gathering

The Equirencontre

A gathering of riding and driving from all over Europe

Equirencontre – a legendary gathering

Want to be one of a group of adventurous riders and drivers to roam the High Ardenne Plateau – a land of legends at the heart of Europe?

Join us in Wanne! The Macralles of the Salm Valley and legend of Gustine Maka, Massotais of Baclain, Falhotte and Noufy stones, legend of the Devil's scythe, and other fantastic adventures await you on our multifaceted plateau!

The Equirencontre: simply brilliant!

One of the pleasures of trail riding is to reach your destination. So, join us at the Equirencontre to continue the fun. Once there, you'll have a weekend of riding/driving on safe, marked trails, plus a host of other activities.  

Presentation Equirencontre 2018

What is an Equirencontre?

This annual meet of trail-riders and drivers has been held around the August 15 holiday under the aegis of AWTE since 1973. This year we shall celebrate the 46th anniversary of the event in the village of WANNE.

The riders and drivers will reach the destination after a month, week, or day on the trail, depending on their choices of routes and possibilities. They carry everything they need in their saddle bags or carriages or rely on assistance from a supply team. Whether they ride alone or in a group, the equirencontre will be an opportunity to ride (or drive) over hill and dale towards a common objective, a rallying point where they will forge new friendships, discover a part of our beautiful country, and talk horses in a festive mood.

Riders from abroad are regularly on hand, and this year we hope to have participants from the nearby territories of the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Germany, but why not long-distance riders from Switzerland and France? Plus, family and friends are more than welcome to come and discover the assets of this beautiful corner of the Ardenne plateau.

So, this weekend is open to all Belgian and foreign riders and drivers, whether they are members of an equestrian federation or not, provided that they are covered by insurance. We shall have room for a maximum of 150 horses, all of which must be identified by a chip, covered by civil liability, and have their health records in order!

What we are offering:

Friday, as of 2 pm: The travellers will be welcomed at Place du Bati (the village square), registered, and undergo veterinary and farriery checks whilst savouring a welcome drink or some crispy carrots. You will also be given a badge to be worn at all times and escorted to your paddock and, for those who have chosen “Comfort” accommodation, the hostel.

The weekend will be punctuated by rides, enjoying nature, making friends, and good humour, with a ride cum treasure hunt on Saturday, a barbecue in the forest at noon on Sunday, activities, demos, and some surprises! While we can't claim to be perfect, AWTE's volunteers will do their utmost to guarantee a pleasant stay in the Belgian Ardenne. They will bend over backward to solve any small unforeseen problems that crop up. Still, don't hold it against us if our service falls short of that offered by the Ritz!

For those who prefer comfort over camping there is the magnificent château de Wanne, a manor turned hostel with 4- and 6-bed rooms. The historic building will be the logistic heart of the weekend. All the social activities (meals, briefings, activities, etc.) will take place on its premises and the campers will have access to its showers and loos.

Organisation and infrastructure

  1. Reception

Under the oaks of the village square (Bati – below the museum on the picture above (SPRL)), where participants will pick up information packs and badges from the secretariat.

  1. Accommodation

A pasture (available for the weekend) will be divided up into reserved plots scaled to the size of each group. The corridors must obviously be kept free for everyone's safety. On site you'll be guided to your plot by a volunteer. Watering points for the horses and portable loos will be provided in the camping area. The pasture will be strictly off limits until 12 noon on Friday. Any vehicles that arrive before then will be able to park in the church's parking area or on the side of the road. Just for information: This pasture is 250 m from the château.

All travellers are expected to bring their own feed. Nevertheless, it will be possible to buy hay on site.

  1. The hostel

A full-comfort weekend is possible for those who prefer not to camp. The magnificent château de Wanne – a gîte d’étape hostel – will be the logistic centre of the weekend. It will house all the social activities (secretariat, meals, briefings, activities, etc.) for the weekend and the campers will have access to its showers and loos, so don't forget your sandals! No need to bring bedding, as the rooms (4 or 6 beds) come with sheets and quilts. Boots and hiking shoes are not allowed in the rooms – there is a special storage area for that purpose.

No animals allowed in the hostel!

  1. Awards
    1. Trophy for the longest distance

A trophy will be given to reward the group or solitary rider who covers the longest distance on horseback to take part in the Equirencontre.

  1. Trophy for the highest score: km X horses

A trophy will be awarded to the group with the highest number of points obtained by multiplying the number of horses by the number of kilometres travelled. The kilometres covered by riders who join the group along the way will be added for the stages travelled, provided that they reach the Equirencontre.

  1. Trophy for the largest group

The trophy for the largest group will be awarded to the group with the largest number of horses and riders in uniform attire.

  1. Trophy for the best group

The trophy for the best group will be awarded to the group that meets the following conditions upon arrival: a homogeneous group of riders; horses in good condition, with shoes in good condition (wear on a par with the distance covered); well-maintained tack; and orderly packs & saddle bags with the necessary materials (first-aid kit and farriery tools). The number of kilometres travelled will also be factored into this evaluation.

The judging panel will consist of a veterinarian, a farrier, a certified equestrian tour guide, and the FFE's cartographer.

… and there will also be trophies for drivers, provided that at least five carriages take part:

  1. Trophy for the longest distance covered by carriage
  2. Trophy for the best horse(s) and carriage

Contact Information

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