Fun and friends at the Equirencontre

(Re)discover the joys of riding or driving across the land with friends and enjoy the warmth and festivity of a great horsey family

The Equirencontre: gathering

The Equirencontre

A gathering of riding and driving from all over Europe

Equirencontre – a legendary gathering

Want to be one of a group of adventurous riders and drivers to roam the High Ardenne Plateau – a land of legends at the heart of Europe?

Join us in Wanne! The Macralles of the Salm Valley and legend of Gustine Maka, Massotais of Baclain, Falhotte and Noufy stones, legend of the Devil's scythe, and other fantastic adventures await you on our multifaceted plateau!

The Equirencontre: simply brilliant!

One of the pleasures of trail riding is to reach your destination. So, join us at the Equirencontre to continue the fun. Once there, you'll have a weekend of riding/driving on safe, marked trails, plus a host of other activities.  

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