Equirencontre 2021 Rules


  1. General information:

* The registration fee includes:

  • Access to the site from 10 a.m. on Friday, 13 August, to 6 p.m. on Sunday, 15 August 2021.
  • Souvenir gift.
  • The meals.
  • A paddock area for the rider/driver, horse, and accompanying persons. Participants must bring their own fencing materials.
  • Access to showers and toilets.
  • Participation in the events organised on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Participation in on-site activities and the gala evening.

* The registration fee DOES NOT include:

  • There will be a cash bar on site, with drink tickets sold at the secretariat.
  • Personal insurance.

* The participants will be shown their paddock areas by the logistics manager. The plots are 100 m² (10 m x 10 m) per horse to accommodate the horses, campers, and their effects.

* Hay will be available on site (included in registration fee, but please avoid waste).

  • Opening of registration: as of today via the site or a printed registration form.
  • Registration deadline: Once the limit of 125 horses is reached and before 1 August 2021
  • Reimbursement in case of cancellation: 50% until 1 August inclusive. No reimbursement after 1 August.
  • Field toilets will be placed in the camping area. They will be accessible around the clock and toilet paper will be provided.
  • Do not forget to bring your personal effects (cot, sleeping bag, toiletries bag, first-aid kit, electric torch, etc.). There is one five-person lodging available (for a supplemental charge); it may be booked as of this moment.
  • We are counting on you to respect the environment. Please do not litter or sully the site.
  • A meeting for the group leaders and lone riders will be held EACH DAY.
  • Printed maps with the rides marked on them will be provided.
  • The rides will be marked and downloads for your GPS will also be available.
  • A veterinarian and a farrier will be on hand for any interventions that are required (at the rider's/driver's expense).
  • The meals will be taken together in the farm’s old barn.
  • By participating in the EQUIRENCONTRE all participants waive the right to control the use of their images during the event for all purposes other than commercial ones.
  1. Health rules and legal requirements:
  • The horses must meet all legal ID and vaccination requirements; their health cards (passports) may be checked upon arrival.
  • Comply with the hours set for feeding the horses (in order to avoid chaos).
  • Do not let your horses drink from the troughs placed on site. Buckets must be used to scoop the water out of the troughs in order to avoid risks of contamination.
  • Stallions must be kept in a stall (for a fee) or in a secure double-fenced paddock with double electrification paid for/provided by the owner (contact the organisers for information).
  • Vehicles may not be driven around the camp area during the three days of the meet.
  • Each trail rider/driver must be covered by civil liability insurance. The FFE proposes one-year membership including civil liability and individual accident insurance for €25.00. Consult the website ( for more information.
  • The meals are reserved for the Equirencontre participants only. You may invite your family and friends to the gala dinner or another meal at extra cost (see the registration form).
  • The secretariat must be informed of additional “last minute” meals no later than the day before. Once this deadline has elapsed, no additional reservations will be accepted.
  • Registration is confirmed by your payment. Do not forget to bring your roadbook, which will also be checked upon your arrival.
  • The awards ceremony will take place on Sunday. Only those who arrive at the meet on horseback or in a carriage are eligible to compete for an award.
  1. Panel of judges:

The prizes will be awarded by a panel of judges composed of:

- a veterinarian

- a farrier

- a certified equestrian tour guide,

- the cartographer of the FFE, and

- the president of the FFE (or her representative).

To thank the hosting locality, sponsors, and authorities present, the riders and drivers shall attend the awards ceremony on horseback or in their carriages. Groups are encouraged to dress in uniform attire. This will be a criterion in appraising the “best group”.

  1. The awards

a. Trophy for the longest distance

A trophy will be awarded to the group or lone rider who covers the longest distance on horseback to take part in the Equirencontre.

b. Trophy for the highest score: horses x km

A trophy will be awarded to the group totalling the highest number of points obtained by multiplying the number of horses by the number of kilometres travelled. The kilometres covered by riders who join the group along the way will be added according to the stages travelled, provided that they reach the Equirencontre.

c. Trophy for the largest group

The trophy for the largest group will be awarded to the group with the largest number of horses and riders in uniform attire.

d. Trophy for the best group

The trophy for the best group will be awarded to the group that meets the following conditions upon arrival: a homogeneous group of riders; horses in good condition, with shoes in good condition (wear on a par with the distance covered); well-maintained tack; and orderly packs & saddle bags with the necessary materials (first-aid kit and farriery tools). The number of kilometres travelled will also be factored into this evaluation.

The panel of judges will consist of a veterinarian, a farrier, a certified equestrian tour guide, and the FFE's cartographer.

And for drivers, provided that at least five carriages take part:

e. Trophy for the longest distance covered by carriage

f. Trophy for the best horse(s) and carriage

g. The President’s Choice



Not more than one trophy may be awarded to a group. If one group places first in more than one category, then the trophy for the second category will go to the second group in that category, and so on.


Contact Information


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