Presenting Equirencontre 2021

What is an Equirencontre ?

This annual rendezvous for outdoor riders and carriage drivers has been held around the August 15 holiday since 1973. This year, the 49th edition will take place in Anhée, Namur Province. The destination is a farm: Ferme de Grange, Grange 2, 5538 Anhée.

The riders and drivers will arrive after travelling a month, week, or day on the trail, packing all their kit or relying on a supply team. Whether you travel alone or in a group, it is a unique opportunity to ride (or drive) over hill and dale, along the trails of your choice, towards a common objective, to forge new friendships, to discover another part of our beautiful country, and to talk horses against a festive backdrop.

Riders from abroad regularly attend, and we hope to host our French, Dutch, German, and Luxembourg friends, who are our closest neighbours, but why not horsepeople from Switzerland, too? And of course, family and friends are also welcome to discover the assets of this beautiful region. So, this weekend is open to all Belgian and foreign riders and drivers, whether members of a riding federation or not, with room for up to 125 horses.

All horses must be covered by civil liability insurance and present with their health records in order.

What we offer:

Friday, as of 2 p.m.: Reception of arriving travellers, followed by a veterinary and farriery check and a welcome drink – or some refreshing carrots. You will also be given a badge to wear at all times and taken to your paddock, where you may pitch your tent. For those who desire a little more comfort, we have prebooked some lodges and B&Bs.

During the whole weekend, walks, nature, meetings, good humour, a tourist rally on Saturday, a gala evening, a barbecue in the forest or on site on Sunday lunchtime, entertainment and some surprises! Without claiming to be perfect, our team of volunteers will do their utmost to ensure an enjoyable stay and to solve any unforeseen minor problems that may crop up.


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